Selena Gomez's Anguish: Outraged by The Weeknd's Exploitation and Public Humiliation - Unveiling the Drama!


Selena Gomez was left feeling humiliated after her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, allegedly exploited and dragged her during one of his recent shows. The incident occurred during The Weeknd's performance in one of his shows, which was titled "The Idol." Gomez, who had recently split from The Weeknd, was reportedly furious and deeply hurt by his actions.

The details of how exactly The Weeknd exploited and dragged Gomez in his show remain undisclosed. However, it is evident that his actions were not well-received by Gomez, as she felt humiliated and angry. This incident has shed light on the possible lingering animosity between the former couple, even after their separation.


Gomez, who has been vocal about her struggle with mental health issues and past traumatic experiences, has always encouraged others to be kind and considerate towards one another. The Weeknd's alleged actions go against the values Gomez promotes, further fueling her anger and disappointment.

Fans of both artists have taken notice of the tension between Gomez and The Weeknd, expressing their support for Gomez and expressing disappointment in The Weeknd's behavior. Many have highlighted the need for artists to respect each other's boundaries and refrain from using their platform to exploit or demean others.

Overall, this incident has brought attention to the issues of respect and empathy within the music industry. It serves as a reminder that even after a relationship ends, it is crucial to treat one another with respect and dignity, particularly in public forums.


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