Exclusive: Justin Bieber's Sister Spills the Beans on His Everlasting Love for Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber's sister, Jazmyn Bieber, recently revealed the reason why her brother, Justin Bieber, still loves his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. During a YouTube livestream, Jazmyn explained that Justin still has feelings for Selena because she was his first love.

Jazmyn's comment came in response to a fan who asked why Justin is still affected by his past relationship with Selena. Jazmyn believes that the bond they had as each other's first love is what keeps Justin attached to Selena. She also acknowledged that Justin and Selena shared many significant moments together and that those memories are difficult to let go of.


Furthermore, Jazmyn mentioned that Justin is a caring and compassionate person. She believes that he genuinely cares about Selena's well-being and happiness. Despite their breakup, Jazmyn thinks that Justin still wants the best for Selena, even if it means not being together.

This revelation from Justin Bieber's younger sister sheds light on his continued feelings for Selena Gomez. It shows that the strong emotional connection they shared as each other's first love plays a significant role in Justin's ongoing attachment to Selena. Additionally, Jazmyn emphasizes Justin's caring nature, suggesting that he still has a soft spot for Selena and wants her to be happy.

Overall, Jazmyn's insights provide an understanding of why Justin Bieber still loves Selena Gomez, despite their past breakup. It highlights the power of first love and the lingering emotions associated with significant memories.


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