Rescue Dog Mom Starts Nursing Abandoned Kitten Brought into Shelter After Pleading to Meet the Cat


On March 31, Kela gave birth to ten healthy puppies at the Jackson Country Animal Shelter. Several days later, a Good Samaritan brought in an abandoned male kitten they found outside. After the kitten arrived, shelter workers brought the tiny cat back to the offices for a bottle and a vet exam.

Rescue Bunnies Help Kitten with Special Needs Get on His Feet and Start Adoption JourneyIt didn't take Kela long to realize someone new was in the offices.

Kela heard the kitten and was scratching at the door to get in that room," Sattler explains.

At first, shelter workers couldn't figure out what Kela wanted until they opened the door to the room holding the abandoned kitten.The animal services director decided to place the kitten with Kela's puppies to help the dog calm down.


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