Taylor Swift's Hilarious Reaction Text to Travis Kelce Regarding Jo Koy's Awkward Golden Globes Moment


Taylor Swift sent a text to Travis Kelce regarding Jo Koy's awkward joke at the Golden Globes. The incident occurred during the awards ceremony when comedian Jo Koy made a joke about Kelce's dating life. The camera quickly cut to Taylor Swift, who was shown laughing at the joke.

Following the event, Swift reached out to Kelce via text message. Kelce revealed the contents of the message during an interview, stating that Swift found the joke hilarious and wanted to share a laugh about it. He also mentioned that Swift is a great friend and they have a fun dynamic.

The text from Swift highlighted their strong friendship as she genuinely found the joke funny and wanted to make sure Kelce knew that she was not offended by it.


Kelce appreciated the message and felt grateful to have such a supportive friend.

This incident sheds light on the close bond between Swift and Kelce, emphasizing their ability to laugh together and not take things too seriously. It also highlights Swift's down-to-earth nature, despite her global fame.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift sent a text to Travis Kelce after Jo Koy's joke at the Golden Globes, showing her support and humor regarding the situation. This incident further demonstrates Swift's genuine friendship with Kelce and her ability to take jokes in stride.


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