Kitten Hides in Rocks, but Rescuers Keep Trying, Even Amidst Snowstorm, to Save the Young Cat


A few weeks ago, a small kitten was discovered hiding among the rocks by Bradford Beach in Wisconsin. This timid and elusive cat would run away whenever people approached, finding refuge in the nooks and crannies of the rocks. Concerned members of the community sent out a plea for help, and numerous volunteers flocked to the location in hopes of rescuing the frightened feline.

Despite their best efforts, the volunteers were unable to reach the kitten, who hid so deeply that she remained out of their grasp. Emile Rackovan, one of the rescuers, shared, "We could all sense that she was absolutely terrified.


" They left food and attempted to catch her using a humane trap, but their efforts proved fruitless.

As weeks passed with no sightings or updates, fear set in among the volunteers. However, their hopes were reignited when Urban Cat Coalition received an email from someone claiming to have spotted the elusive kitten. Emilie and her fellow rescuers wasted no time, braving the massive snowstorm that had descended upon the area to come to the kitten's aid. "We knew that the temperatures this weekend were expected to plummet into the negatives," Emilie explained.

Unfortunately, the treacherous weather conditions hindered their search, leading to a loss of hope.


But the following morning, two volunteers named Karen and Sara showed up at the beach, determined to continue the rescue mission despite the icy wind that whipped around them. They soon spotted the kitten, now covered in a layer of snow, but they couldn't reach far enough to retrieve her.

Thankfully, Karen had a stroke of brilliance. Using a shoelace to attract the kitten's attention, she enticed her with tasty ham treats. Mesmerized by the wiggly, worm-like string, the kitten cautiously approached. Sensing the perfect opportunity, Karen positioned herself just outside the rocks, ready to act.


Finally, the kitten drew close enough for Karen to make her move, grabbing her by hand and securing her safety.

The kitten was immediately placed into foster care with Urban Cat Coalition, where she quickly settled in. Nestled comfortably in her cubby cave, she kneaded the soft lining and purred contentedly. When a bowl of food was placed in front of her, she eagerly devoured it. Only a few hours after her rescue, the kitten transformed into an enthusiastic "biscuit-maker" and even gave slow blinks of gratitude to her rescuers.

The once-wary eyes of the tortoiseshell kitten have since softened, as she has learned to trust and accept affection from humans.


Purring and happily kneading whenever she is petted, she spends ample time in her cozy cave, feeling safe and secure. Urban Cat Coalition expressed their relief and happiness, stating, "After many volunteers trying many times over the last few weeks...we are so relieved and so happy the kitten is now safe and sound."

Now an indoor cat, the tortoiseshell enjoys the comforts of her new life, with kind humans who will ensure she receives a lifetime of love and care. "Tonight, we will all sleep well, knowing she's warm, safe, and has a full belly," Urban Cat Coalition concluded with joy and gratitude.


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