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Hungry Blind Cat Struggling to Survive at Corrupt Shelter Rescued Moments Before Tragic Fate

Meet Mike, a beautiful blind tabby cat found struggling to survive at a corrupt animal shelter.

Mike was about to be attacked by a rogue dog when Pawmeows Team rushed him to safety.

Keep reading to discover how Mike escaped a tragic fate and lived happily ever after!

A Disturbing Call

Pawmeows received a call from fellow rescuers one day with disturbing news.

A shelter in Eastern Arkansas was being closed down due to speculated abuse and neglect.

A small group of Arkansas rescues had joined forces to help rescue hundreds of animals at the shelter.

We were asked to take most of the shelter’s cats on very short notice. They didn’t have anyone to take the cats

When we arrived at the shelter, we were horrified by what we witnessed.

A Shocking Discovery

Hundreds of cats and dogs were roaming the property. The ones that weren’t loose were stacked in kennels. That’s when we first laid eyes on Mike, a blind tabby missing both eyes.

Mike had been roaming the property when a leashless dog attempted to attack him.

Mike was taken to the shelter’s cat room, but he was still in danger.

The cat room was a disaster– it had holes in the walls, ceilings, and roof.

Cats were hiding in every nook and cranny of the room in a desperate attempt to survive.

The only way the cats could eat was by getting out of their kennels and risking their lives to look for food or water amongst the dogs.

The shelter had completely neglected its animals, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Poor Mike was at a disadvantage because of his blindness.

He wouldn’t survive much longer in these conditions.

Rushing to The Rescue

We intended to make multiple trips to the shelter to transport all 100+ cats, but we knew Mike needed to come home with us that day. He couldn’t wait. We brought him home immediately.

However, getting Mike home was only half of the battle.

Once Mike was safe in our home, it was time to address his health concerns.

He had an upper respiratory infection, severe diarrhea, and trouble breathing.

Despite how much Mike was suffering, he still found it in his heart to love and trust his rescuers. He’s the sweetest cat you could ever dream of. All he wanted was to be loved and held.

It’s almost as if Mike knew he’d been rescued and wanted us to know how grateful he was.

The Road to Recovery

Like most special needs cats, Mike was incredibly intelligent and adaptive.

He worked hard to navigate his foster home, relying on his sense of smell and sound to find his way around.

We noticed that Mike was also extremely cautious.

He couldn’t afford to make mistakes in his previous living conditions.

Mike received fluids to address his dehydration and started on antibiotics and parasite treatment.

He took all of his medicine like a champ!

Soon, Mike was perking up and his true personality started to shine through.

We posted updates and shared each of Mike’s victories on social media.

One day, we received a heartwarming message about Mike from a kind individual.

Two Peas in a Pod

One of our fosters has a blind cat missing both eyes.

  to foster Mike and adopt him if everything went well

After a month of diligent care, Mike was healthy enough to be fostered by someone else.

He arrived at the foster’s home and never came back! Mike made himself right at home. He loves his new family!

Now Mike will never have to worry about being attacked or abandoned outside ever again.
He’s surrounded by people who love him and enjoys the companionship of his new cat sister, Molly.

Molly is also missing both eyes, making this adorable pair of two peas in a pod.

We took little Mike under her wing, giving him a warm welcome as his new big sister.

He’s thriving. He really landed the perfect home. Despite Mike’s happily ever ending, his road to recovery isn’t over.

Happily Ever After…For Now

Mike developed abnormal health conditions while living at the shelter.


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The shelter was filthy and infested with vermin “bigger than the cats themselves”.

Mike’s condition is so unusual that not even the vets are able to diagnose him at this time.

The vets are still trying to determine what bacteria he has. He’s scheduled to see a specialist very soon.

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